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Do you want want more information on our association?  Call us @ 605-582-8900 (voice messages ONLY) or email us.  For more immediate attention, contact one of our volunteer board members.

Registration for the 2020-2021 Season is now open!  

Click below to sign your child up and become part of the Ice Cat family.

Wanna win $10,000 cash or other great prizes??

                                       Do you need a ticket???

Click the 2020 RAFFLE LINK to learn more!

Thank you to those who have committed to partnering with us!  Read more below about our plans and find out how you can help our kids see their dreams come true!


Learn about our fundraising drive to build our new home - an indoor ice rink!  The facility will include both indoor and outdoor refrigerated ice rinks.  Visit our Future Indoor Rink page to: 

  • make a donation or pledge your support
  • find out more about our drive and our new home

Concept Photo, courtesy Stone Group Architects