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Congratulations Graduating Seniors


Justin is the son of John and Jodi Weber. Justin currently attends Washington HS. He started out playing hockey when he was 7 years old. His second year in he discovered he loved playing Goalie. For the last 2 years he has been playing for the Brandon Valley Ice Cats. Throughout Justin’s hockey career he has had the opportunity to have played hockey all over the place. From Shattuck St. Mary’s, to playing at the UMD. But the biggest thing Justin has been able to take away is the life long friends he has made. 

Justin would like to thank his parents for all the sacrifices that were made. He would also like to thank his Grandma Darla for tagging along and driving the countless miles to cheer him on. Justin’s plans after school is to attend tech college for welding.



Dawson Miller is the son of Kevin and Cathy Miller and is a senior at Lincoln High School. He is grateful for having played his last three seasons with the Brandon Valley Ice Cats. Over his hockey career, Dawson has developed a great love for the game and enjoys playing the wonderful game of hockey. He used his ice skating speed, scoring and play-making abilities to enhance his hockey experience but, is most thankful for all the friends he as met along this journey.

He would like to thank his parents and grandparents for all the sacrifices they made over the years to allow him to pursue his passion for playing the game of hockey. Somewhere between the thousands of miles, there were a million smiles.

He learned you can’t win every game, but if you keep working hard, you can get better and support your fellow teammates to achieve success together.

Dawson’s future plans include attending Colorado Mountain College in Breckenridge, CO in the fall of 2020. 


Joel Kruse is currently a senior at Lincoln High School. 

He is the son of Jeff Kruse and Stacy Kruse. 

Joel started playing hockey in Luverne, MN at the age of four.  He played in Luverne from Mites to Bantams.  We moved to Sioux Falls in 2016 where he played one year with the Flyers and has played the last 3 years with the Ice cats. 

Joel enjoys the hockey tournaments the most because everyone gets to hang out together at the hotels.  We are grateful for Brandon creating this JV team so the boys who love the sport could continue to play at a competitive level.  He actually enjoys getting to practice and play outside too.  

After graduation, Joel plans to go to basic training for the Marines.


Caleb Wosje is a Senior at Roosevelt High School and plays Center for the Brandon Valley Ice Cats. He has been playing hockey since he was 5 years old. His love for hockey began as a baby when he would watch his Aunt Amber play goalie for the Huron All Stars. 

The highlight of his hockey career was when he started his first bantam game as a center.  He won the face off and was immediately able to score a goal. 

After high school, Caleb has enlisted in the US Army.  He will be trained as a military policeman after basic training.  

Caleb is the son of Matthew and Micheala Wosje. He is an older brother to his sister Emma.  Caleb would like to thank his Brandon Valley Coaches for furthering his love of hockey as well as his mom, dad, sister, and grandparents with supporting him and watching his games.


Jeremiah Weber is the son of John and Jodi Weber and twin brother to Justin #1.

Jeremiah attends Washington High School.

He began to play goalie, but he didn’t want the “stress” of being a goalie. Throughout Miah’s hockey career he has played summer hockey in the cities, Albert Lea, and out of Sioux Falls.

Jeremiah has played the last 3 years for the Brandon Valley Ice Cats, and has loved every minute of it. 

Jeremiah would like to thank his parents for all the support while playing hockey growing up. Miah would also like to give a huge shout out to his Grandma Darla for supporting him and also taking him to and from our games and tournaments.

Jeremiah’s plans after high school are to attend a local college for Cyber Operations/ Computer Science.


Andrew Grady is a senior at Harrisburg High School and plays defense for the Brandon Valley Ice Cats.  

Following in his older brothers’ footsteps, Andrew began skating in his backyard ice rink at the age of two and was formally introduced to hockey at the age of five.  His passion for the game grew and he found himself supplementing the winter hockey seasons by playing on summer teams with kids from the tri-state area.  It was on one of these teams that he achieved perhaps his most memorable highlight as he hustled onto the ice with only a few seconds remaining in a tied game to take a pass near the blue line and bury it into the net as time expired.

Andrew is honored to be a part of the original Brandon Valley Ice Cat JV Team and appreciates the opportunity that the Brandon Valley Hockey Association has provided for him and his teammates.  Andrew also cherishes all the friendships and memories he has made over the past thirteen years playing hockey.

After graduation from High School, Andrew plans to attend the University of South Dakota, majoring in business. 

Andrew is the son of Brian and Kathy Grady and has two older brothers, Jacob and Adam.


Hunter Zenobi is the son of Amanda Zenobi and Chris and Missy Zenobi. 

He is a senior at Harrisburg high school.

Hunter started playing hockey when he was 4, in Luverne Mn. From there he played a year in Sioux Falls and then moved to North Dakota and played for Whap/Breck for before moving back to Sioux falls and then the Brandon Valley Icecats these last three years. 

Hunter started as a player for a years but was introduced to his passion of being a goalie where he has been the last 13 years.

Hunter is thankful for the family that has supported him through many hours of practice and travel so he could enjoy what he loves.

Hunter plans to attend community college when he graduates.



Joey Kelley is the son of Selina and Glenn Arends. He is a senior at Roosevelt H.S. Joey started hockey in Okoboji at the age of 9. He then moved to Sioux Falls, played with the Flyers for three years and then joined Brandon Valley Ice Cats. Joey has found a great passion for hockey through out these years. He is grateful for all the friends he has made during the years on three different teams. 

Joey is thankful that his parents and little sister have been supportive during his hockey career. He also loves when his older brother and grandparents are visiting and come to his events.

Joey’s future plans are to join the United States Marines after high school. 

No matter the win or lose it’s how you play the game! 


Zachary Weier is the son of Chris and Darci Miles and Craig Weier.

He is a senior at Roosevelt High School.

Zachary started playing hockey at the age of 5 for the Sioux Falls Flyers and has been with the Brandon Valley IceCats for 3 seasons. Zachary and his family have enjoyed the many friends that have been made and the memories they will have as a Hockey Family. Zachary’s future plans are to attend college and pursue his dream in Aviation.

Zach would like to thank his family for supporting him in his time as a hockey player.