Concept Photo, courtesy Stone Group Architects

Help us make our dreams a reality!  We have embarked on a fundraising drive for our new home - an indoor ice rink.  Besides giving young athletes in our area a place to play ice hockey & other fun ice sports, this indoor rink will benefit our community in other ways:

  • Help sustain the local economy during the winter months by hosting games, tournaments & clinics.

  • Used during the off-season for other sporting activities or community events (such as farmers markets, craft fairs, sportmans' expos, farm shows & auto shows).

There are several ways you can help the youth of our community reach their goal.  Your support matters!

  • Donate to us directly using a check or credit card.

  • Fill out and mail or email us the form below to make a pledge or to spread out your donation (up to 5 years).

  • Click the Rink Board Goal tab above to buy a "square" and help fund the purchase of hockey dasher boards and glass.

Our fundraising drive is broken up into two phases:

Phase 1:  An outdoor refrigerated ice rink.  Now COMPLETE.

Phase 2:  An indoor ice rink.

Visit the other tabs to find out more about us and our new home.

Questions or want to help us get to our goal in another way?

Concept Photo, courtesy Stone Group Architects