Buy a rink square!

Proceeds will go towards the purchase of the hockey rink dasher boards and glass.

$150 each

Buy one or more squares, or get a couple friends together and share one or more squares.  You can buy now by paying online or email us to use another form of payment.

Use the letters and numbers below if you want to purchase a specific square on the map.  Your name will go on a founders plaque which will be on display at the rink.


Sold squares are highlighted in green. 107 Squares have been sold!

Thank you to the people and groups below for helping our kids reach their goal and buying one or more rink squares

Corey & Grayson Andel Eric Henrich Lynden Pyle
Brenda, Roger and Treyson Boesch Brian & Shannon Hoime Laura Reinsch
Brian, Jennifer, Caden & Chase Callahan Linda Hoppe Brian, Kristal & Quinn Reinwald
Ken Cauwels Hubers Family Jack Rice
Scott Cauwels Brad Hruby Marian Schneekloth
Tom, Nichole, Cooper & Elliot Cauwels Jones Family Eyecare Perry, KaraJo, Blake, Emma, Grace & Olivia Schneekloth
Marty & Heidi Condon Asher, Aida & Hudson Keffeler Logan, Connor & Ellanor Seaver
Jeannie Ericsson Kory & Jenilee Kludt Rhonda Seaver
Shawn Ericsson Heath & April Kooiman Gavin & Isabella Stone
Beau Fitz Chris & Brandi Johnson TJ Reinsch Youth Hockey Foundation
Forthman Family Sam & Andrea Johnson Amy Tripp
Ryan Gienapp Gabe & Kristi Laber Braeden Tripp
Nick Gondaras Chris & Brody Manitz Jay Tripp
Ryan Grimmius Clark Meyer Jennifer Vander Esch
Jon & Cindy Groen Loukas, Markos & Elias Michailidis Ruth Wallig
Josh & Emily Groen Justin & Tricia Miller Family Rick & Lisa Wolf
Dan & Emily Guimont Max & Sophie Peters Brad & Gina Woodward
Nick & Jessica Gundermann Doug, Denise & Caleb Poncelet Jennifer Zell
Eric & Sue Harms Andrea & Cassidy Poole Zell Enterprises, Inc.
Heritage Lutheran & Spirit of Truth Churches, VBS 2019