Q:  Why do we need an indoor ice facility in Brandon?

A:  Brandon Valley hockey participation continues to grow and mature.  More ice time is needed to host practices, games and  tournaments to support this growth.  To continue to function and compete with other teams, our youth need a place to reliably and consistently practice and play games.  Weather conditions in our area do not allow for the current outdoor ice rinks in McHardy Park to meet this need.  In addition, the current location is in a flood plain and protecting the equipment and structures requires an extensive work effort.

Q:  Will the complex be open to the public?

A:  Yes.  We will continue to include public open skating & open hockey in our weekly schedule.  A nominal fee would be charged for participants.  We will also offer skate rental.  In addition, the facility can be rented for business outings, private parties or community events (such as farmers markets, craft fairs, street dances, sportmans' expos, farm shows & auto shows).

Q:  Why should I donate to this project?

A:  This project will support Brandon’s youth and adults by providing them with a facility in which to participate in ice sports and other activities.  By hosting games, tournaments and skills camps, the facility will have an economic uplift on our local economy.

Q:  Where will the indoor ice complex be located?

A:  The facility will be built south of Aspen Park, on property the City of Brandon has purchased.

Q:  Who will own the indoor ice complex once it is built?

A:  The Brandon Valley Ice and Inline Hockey Association (aka BVHA), will retain ownership and management of the indoor ice facility.  The City of Brandon will retain ownership of the land.

Q:  Will this facility require public subsidies to operate?

A:  No.  Our projections and operating budget indicate the  facility will be self-sufficient based upon current demand for indoor ice.  Additional revenue is expected to be generated by hosting a variety of public & private events during off-seasons.  These events could include:   farmers markets, craft fairs, street dances, sportmans' expos, farm shows, auto shows and other community events.

Q:  Will this facility be limited to just ice hockey?

A:  No.  We predict other ice sports will find a home in our community once the complex is built.  Other ice sports could include:  figure skating, curling, sled hockey (for disabled & abled-bodied individuals) and broom ball.  In addition, the facility can be used for other sports--such as baseball or soccer--during the off-season.

Q:  What are the current ice hockey participation numbers?

A:  We have had over 125 boys and girls aged 3-18 participate the last several seasons.  We predict this will grow to 200+ in the 2-5 years following completion of the indoor ice complex.