BVHA Chase the Ace


Chase the Ace cards

Board can be viewed at Bottoms Up

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Kyle Storm

Matt Sundstrom

We plan to start a new Chase the Ace game in early 2024, stay tuned!



"Chase the Ace" is a game of chance where the jackpot continues to grow until the Ace of Hearts is turned over.  It's a fun way to show your support of the Ice Cats families!  

Special thanks to Bottoms Up for their continued support and allowing us to host the weekly drawings in their facility!

Drawing and Ticket Info

  • Held weekly at Bottoms Up, Corson, SD, 8:00PM CT on Tuesdays starting 11/22/22 
  • $5 for one (1) ticket or $20 for five (5) tickets
  • Purchase tickets in person at Bottom's UP or with Venmo, Venmo-@BrandonValleyHockeyAssociation
  • Tickets can be purchased at anytime during the week.
  • Please pay with either cash or Venmo

Important Notes for Venmo purchases:

  • Please include the number of the card you want turned over.  If your ticket is drawn and the card you chose was turned over in a previous week's drawing, the next highest numbered card will be turned over.
  • Cut-off is 7:00PM CT the evening of the drawing.  If you pay after 7:00PM CT, we'll do our best to include your tickets in that week's drawing.  However, this may not be possible if we are busy with in-person sales and tallying the results.  
  • We will "heart" your payment when your tickets are entered into the mixing barrel.  This is how you will know that your tickets have been entered into that week's drawing. 
  • If your tickets are purchased after the cut-off and do not make it into that week's  drawing, they will be include in the following week's drawing. 
  • If the Ace of Hearts is turned over and your after-the-cut-off did NOT make that week's drawing, your purchase will be refunded.


  • Cards from a standard deck of playing cards, including two (2) Jokers, are blindly secured face-down to a board. A number is attached to the back side (or facing out) on each card. 
  • The pot starts with $5000 and grows each week.
  • One (1) ticket is drawn each week.
  • New tickets must be purchased each week to be included in that week's drawing.  All tickets are discarded after each drawing.
  • The winning ticket purchaser earns 10% of that week's ticket sales and also chooses which card on the board to turn over.
  • If a Joker is turned over, the winning ticket purachaser receives an extra $50.
  • If the Ace of Hearts is turned over, the winning ticket purchaser wins 50% of the accumulated jackpot.
  • If the Ace of Hearts is NOT turned over, the game continues to the following week with the remaining cards that have not been turned over.
  • The game continues until the Ace of Hearts is found, after which the game ends.
  • All drawings will be broadcast live on the Brandon Valley Hockey Facebook page, as cell and WiFi coverage allow. 
  • You do NOT need to be present to win.