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Rink Location

The outdoor hockey rinks are located in McHardy Park in Brandon, SD.  The park hours are 8:00AM - 11:00 PM.  The park address is:

720 S McHardy Park Rd

Brandon, SD 57005

Check the BVHA rink status page for the open/close status of the hockey rinks.

East Hockey Rink (Refrigerated)

  • Reserved for scheduled activities ONLY.
  • Check the BVHA calendar for times when it is reserved.  The calendar includes public open skate & open hockey times.
  • To reserve ice time, please call us at (605) 582-8900 or email us.

West Hockey Rink (non-refrigerated)

  • Open to the public during normal park hours when the ice is skatable.

720 S McHardy Park Rd