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We are a rapidly growing youth ice hockey association located in Brandon, SD.  Our membership has doubled almost every year since being founded in 2011.  We have grown to almost 85 youth members and 6 teams with ages ranging from 3-14.  Interest in hockey in our area continues to grow.  We've had a combined total of over 100 boys and girls participate in past “Try Hockey for Free” events.  Our founding members blessed us with their own funds, time and labor to build a natural outdoor ice rink.  This is our primary facility.  Our current group of families are very dedicated to our sport and invest countless hours building and maintaining our natural outdoor ice.  We also enjoy a great partnership with the City of Brandon staff and their parks department.  Lastly, we are very luck to live in a very supportive community.  The community raised enough funds in only 24 hours to allow us to have our very own mascot!  Not many hockey associations in our area can boast about having a mascot.  We are proud of SlapShot and the fun he brings to our sport.

Our founders had a dream of bringing hockey and other ice sports to our community.  We have continued to operate under their vision and mission:

"We are dedicated to growing the sport of ice hockey and other ice sports in the Brandon area, to encourage youth & adults to be active & enjoy team sports and to secure optimal facilities.  We also want to build character, teach life lessons, & instill a service-oriented mindset in our youth members; ensuring they see the value of working hard towards a goal.  Our long-range vision includes building an indoor ice facility in Brandon and fielding competitive High School teams."

We are excited about our future and dedicated to making our founders’ dream come true!
Despite all of these wonderful things, we have a problem.  We do not have enough ice time nor adequate facilities to support our growing 
program.  We do love our natural outdoor hockey rink; however, Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate and give us the right weather conditions.  Sometimes it's too warm & the ice melts.  Other times the wind chill is too cold to safely be outside.  Luckily, we have been able to rent ice time from a nearby facility.  However, this facility is nearly at full capacity and open times are very limited.

The solution to our problem is an ice complex in Brandon.  This complex will give our association the means to continue growing.  We are very excited to have begun construction of Phase 1 of this complex in the summer of 2017.  Phase 1 is a refrigerated outdoor ice rink.  This rink will be unique to South Dakota and for hundreds of miles around Brandon.  The outdoor rink will provide our youth adequate ice time for games and practices.  It will also generate excitement in our program and help generate revenue towards Phase 2 of our goal--an indoor ice rink.
Our ice complex will be very beneficial to the youth--and also the businesses--of Brandon and the surrounding communities.  It will help make our hockey teams competitive and give area youth an 
opportunity to play an exciting sport on a regular basis.  

You might not be aware that ice hockey is unique from many other sports.  You see, being able to ice skate is THE MOST IMPORTANT skill needed to play & be competitive.  Many other sports are based upon the ability to run or move your legs.  This is a skill almost all of us learn when we are very young and it can be done just about anywhere, inside or outside.  On the other hand, having a good ice skating ability requires numerous hours of practice, on a consistent basis, on an ice rink.  It is difficult to attain this skill without a reliable and consistent place to practice.

Building an ice rink is not cheap.  Our association does hold fundraising events through out the year.  However, most of these funds go to operate our association and rent ice time.  We are a creative bunch and look for ways to fund raise in unique and different ways.  One of our most unique fundraisers is our annual Yucky Puck.  What is a Yucky Puck?  Yucky Puck is just that—YUCK!  Each spring, our parents and kids clean up dog waste in yards after a long winter.  That’s right.  Our kids pick up poop!  Surprisingly, it goes over well, and we raise some money to support our program.

With our continued growth and hard work, we are dedicated to making an indoor ice complex happen.

Will you partner will us and help our kids achieve their goals?

The "Dream" That Started It All

Try Hockey for Free

Try Hockey for Free

Photo of our mascot SlapShot

Our mascot, SlapShot

Outdoor Mite Game

Outdoor Mite Game

Sometimes it's too warm & the ice melts

SD winters can be pretty darn cold